Louisa Ford

Born and raised in the UK, Louisa moved to Sydney in 2004. As a naturally active person, both in classical dance and competitive swimming, she began practicing Pilates as a way to complement her other pursuits.


Quickly feeling the benefits in her body, as well as to her overall health and wellbeing, Louisa continued to practice Pilates regularly over the next eight years at various studios in Sydney, including classes at Yoga To Go Studio.


Keen to deepen her knowledge and understanding of the discipline, in 2012 Louisa began private lessons with Grand Master Teacher Trainer, Cynthia Lochard, at the Pilates Method Studio in Surry Hills. Inspired and invigorated by the authenticity of this true Pilates practice, she decided to study as an instructor. Under the guidance of her teacher and mentor, Cynthia Lochard, Louisa began her Independent Instructor Training in 2013 and completed over 1000 hours of individual study and practical training to certify as a LV Romana’s Pilates Instructor.


She continues to work alongside Cynthia and other senior Romana’s Pilates Instructors at the Pilates Method Studio and believes this connection is vital to her ongoing professional and personal development, both as a Pilates instructor and practitioner.


Louisa is excited, after over three years away, to be returning to Yoga To Go Studio, this time as a certified Pilates instructor.

Louisa Ford is currently not instructing any classes.