Tamar Kelly

Tamar was first taught "Down Dog" at the age of three, by her father who lived and worked in India prior to her birth.  She became serious about Iyengar yoga many years later after sustaining an injury while performing in 1995. While the attraction to this form of yoga was firstly a physical one, over time she was struck by the depth, beauty, discipline and vividness of the B.K.S. Iyengars method. All attractive qualities to an artist.


After a vigorous apprentiship with senior Iyengar instructor, Glenn Ceresoli, Tamar left behind a twenty-year career as an actress and dancer to dedicate herself to teaching. She went on to run two large yoga studios in Sydney, Australia, before moving to New York City in 2006. There she was blessed to continue her training with Mary Dunn, James Murphy, Brooke Myers and Patricia Walden.


In 2009, Tamar was awarded a place on the faculty of the prestigious Iyengar Yoga Institute in Manhattan. The same year she was also invited to perform at the Yoga Journal conference in New York with the Iyengar Yoga Trio.  In 2011 she moved to Warsaw to teach with Henryk Liskiewicz. There they ran a successful Iyengar Yoga school, iJOGA Poland, working with students of all levels of ability; from those needing special programs and attention in the Medical classes, to Teacher Training Programs and even Continuing Education Programs for already certified teachers.


Tamar is passionate about the Iyengar Yoga method; it’s depth, both physical and spiritual. She continues to study and practice the art of Iyengar Yoga under the tutelage of senior teachers, Manouso Manos, Rita Keller and Stephanie Quirk. She also visits India regularly to study with the Iyengar family, to whom she is dedicated.


Tamar now primarily teaches from her studio, Iyengar Yoga Space, in Paddington, Sydney. She maintains a strong working relationship with the team at Yoga To Go Studio and runs regular workshops here. She also teaches classes and workshops internationally. Tamar is certified at the Junior Intermediate III level.

Tamar Kelly is currently not instructing any classes.