Corporate Classes


Have you considered improving the health and wellbeing of your workplace??


Our classes are designed to address specific needs of each individual. We cater for the beginner right through to the advanced student. People quickly see the benefits, whether it is dealing better with stress, improved flexibility or increased fitness levels. However it is not a quick fix solution, it provides the opportunity for a gradual and sustainable shift in the way your employees balance their work and life.


The benefits are numerous and include the regular release of stress and tension, whilst learning important life skills such as good posture, full breathing, focus and relaxation.


After our classes people feel calm and re-energised with an increased ability to manage stress and a greater capacity for productivity.


Anyone can do our classes, even those that cannot touch their toes or manage a sit up. Our teachers are deeply committed to their practice and are trained to the highest industry standards. They are at ease working with individuals and groups and are confident and willing to work with injury and other special needs.


Course structures can be built to suit the needs of your organisation, we recommend 8 or 10 week blocks of one class per week, thus gives students the opportunity to obtain a full understating of the foundations of their chosen disciple and to begin to see the benefits associated to it.


Corporate Yoga and Pilates classes are available both on and off site.


For more information on our Corporate programs contact us on 02 9569 0870 or via e-mail at 


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