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Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the commencement of your class

Remember to sign in at reception

If the Studio is not in use then feel free to set your mat up, relax and settle in

Please do not bring mobiles or pagers into the class, if for any reason you must please advise your teacher accordingly

We supply the mats and equipment, if you prefer to bring along your own mat then feel free to do so

Wear comfortable clothing that you are able to freely move in, both Yoga and Pilates are practiced barefoot

Please take care of yourself.  Resist the urge to overdo it.  Try and start your practice with an intention, maybe to create a clearer mind or stronger body.  Whatever your intention, try not to force yourself into the postures.  Relax, take your time and remember to breathe.  There are no rewards for injuries or ‘first place’.  Work from where you are, not from where you think you should be.

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Yoga mat at Yoga To Go Studio

Let’s talk about make up classes

We understand life happens.

To assist all of us to commit to our practice we offer make up classes to students enrolled in term courses (Pilates and Yoga) as a gesture of good will. You are eligible for a make-up class by letting us know BEFORE you miss your class. You can advise us by phone, email or in person, which class you are missing, and which class you’d like to attend instead.

Make up classes cost $2, payable on the day (straight into the small cane box at reception) and there is a maximum of three make ups per student per term. There aren’t any make ups of make ups - that would be silly.   Make up classes are to be made in course classes, NOT casual classes and are only valid for the duration of the particular course.

If you have created your Online Account, you can manage your own make-ups and save the $2 fee.


If you have any medical injuries, conditions or any particular concerns, it is your responsibility to let us know prior to commencing classes

If other injuries occur from time to time, make sure you tell your instructor prior to class.  They will advise you on avoiding specific postures but are not medically qualified.  Remember that as with any program of physical exercise, if you have any reservations, consult your GP first.  If you do decide to attend the class, take responsibility for your own body and well-being.

For women menstruating, it is recommended to avoid inverted (upside down) postures.  Again, do what feels right and respect your limits.  Work gently, reducing stronger, challenging stretches and going for softer stretches.

If you are finding the class too strenuous, or not strenuous enough please speak to your teacher or simply call us so we can arrange an alternative class.

Introducing new things into your life is sometimes challenging and confronting, rather than not turning up to your class please feel free to discuss any issues that may arise with us.

All our teachers and staff are highly qualified and trained and will assist wherever possible.

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