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7:34 PM

Home Practice

download_copy2We all know how great we feel after class yet to often the daily constraints of getting on the mat restrict us to that one single class that we get to in a week… How long can that class really resonate in our cells??

To often we hear “why is my practice not moving forward” “what else can I do”, well at the end of the day like anything the more me do the quicker things begin to change and the benefits begin to unfold

Whilst home practice can often be a daunting thought and takes some discipline, often it is the very thoughts that we create that talk us out of doing what we should be doing more often, here are a few ideas to get you going and on track

  • Find a place at home that is clear and you can roll out your mat
  • Commit to making time in your schedule, too often we believe that practice must last for hours, be realistic if all you have is 10 minutes then start with that
  • Build your home practice from what you have learnt in class, even if you only remember a few things, get on your mat, play, enquire, become aware of how your body feels
  • Even if you don’t feel like it get on your mat, create an intention to get on your mat, if all you do is sit there for 10 minutes see what possibilities unfold, you might just surprise yourself
  • Know that some days you will love your mat and others you won’t, again just get on your mat

If you’r still stuck for ideas or places to start Tadasana (tree pose) and Adhomuka Svanasana (downward Dog) are great for allowing your practice to take shape

Talk to your teacher and ask for help, Home Practice sheets are available in the Studio, for all levels of practice, we are happy to hand out copy’s or to email them to you