About Us

Yoga To Go Studio is dedicated to the pursuit of balance and transformation for both the individual and the greater community. The studio has become a space for teachers and students to come together in educating, nurturing and creating a community in which change can unfold.

As Yoga To Go Studio teachers, we are deeply committed to the practice of Yoga or Pilates and are trained to the highest professional standards. We pursue daily personal practice and seek on-going development and training in-keeping with the traditional Iyengar Yoga lineage and the teachings of Joseph Pilates.

Teachers are at ease working with individuals, groups, or individual needs within groups. We are adept and willing to work with injuries and other special needs.



Yoga To Go Studio Classes, Workshops and Retreats are centred on bringing about positive change for the individual as well as for the community. They are ideal for the absolute beginner, the experienced practitioner and everyone in between.

We offer regular Yoga and Pilates mat classes as well as specialised classes for Seniors, Pre-natal women, Mums and Bubs, Kids and Teenagers. We also offer Yoga Workshops, Retreats, Corporate Programmes and Private tuition.


We consider Iyengar Yoga to be the key discipline in establishing a deeper, stronger, more conscious sense of self. The practice of Yoga is supported and enhanced by the complementary discipline of Pilates.


Our teachers bring their own passion and wisdom to their classes while sharing their preferred discipline in a safe and fun way.

The more regular the practice, the quicker the benefits will appear.


A regular practice can be as little as once a week or as often as once a day.