Shira Yellinek

Shira is a Sydney Based Pilates and Flystick teacher.  She fell in love with Pilates in 2013, her passion for Pilates and the movement world is contagious!

Shira loves the feeling of moving mindfully, and she is a big advocate of taking the practice from the Mat in to the everyday life. With her holistic approach towards movement, she integrates principles from varied methods, and puts a major focus on breathing throughout her classes.
She is a certified Pilates Matwork and Post-natal Pilates teacher, through Pilates ITC and is also a certified Flystick teacher.

Shira graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with a B.A in Media and international relations. Prior to teaching Pilates, she worked in the T.V industry as a researcher.

When she is not teaching, Shira loves to cook, take long runs and paint.

Shira Yellinek instructs the following: