Pilates Classes



Yoga To Go Studio's Pilates mat-work classes in, Petersham near Leichhardt are the most accessible part of the Pilates method and can be done virtually anywhere. In a short time, you’ll see and feel the benefits. The ordered series of exercises are unlike anything you’ve done before, and the results can be astonishing. What you can expect physically will be a total change in your body.


Pilates Classes are available for the absolute beginner through to those that have years of experience.  Visit our Pilates Studio in Petersham, near Leichhardt today!




Developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, today it is the not-so-best-kept fitness secret of dancers, athletes, actors, supermodels and other elite performers. The Pilates method is a comprehensive set of principles and movements designed to dramatically improve strength, flexibility, posture and coordination. It combines awareness of the spine, proper breathing, strength and flexibility training to achieve slimmer, longer, stronger muscles without building bulk.

Each class works the entire body, but with an emphasis on strengthening your core muscles – your abdomen, lower back and buttocks. As these muscles become stronger you’ll find your posture will improve, in turn relieving lower back pain and muscular tension. It’s perfect for people who spend their day at a desk.



As a non-impact workout, Pilates is suitable for everyone, from the first timer to someone with chronic back-pain. Like yoga, it’s done as “active meditation”, developing breathing technique, concentration and control. However, you must contact us if you have any medical concerns or injuries prior to doing any class

Hollywood stars swear by it! Dancers don't start their day without it!

The Pilates exercise method has captured the imagination of millions.

A series of exercises & movements designed to dramatically improve strength, flexibility, postural alignment and coordination by focusing on your core muscles groups, namely Abdomen, Back and Buttocks.

The results are truly amazing! You can expect a total change in your body.

Your posture will improve and you stomach and buttocks will become more toned. Your abdomen, legs and arms will be leaner and your energy levels will dramatically improve.