5:05 PM

Saturday Meditation

A dedicated, and very friendly, group of Insight meditation yogis have been practising at the Yoga to Go studios once a month on a Saturday afternoon since February 2018. This practice period is a combination of sitting and walking insight meditation. Read More

5:45 PM

Eat Well to Stay Well This Winter

With Sydney winter well and truly here, keeping well and cold & flu-free can be tough! Here’s a dietitian’s top tips to keeping well using food throughout the season.   Read More

11:59 PM

Spotlight on: Halasana

Hala – plough, Asana – pose . Remember when you would lay on the floor and be able to kick your legs over your head as a kid? Well it turns out that not only was it fun, but it was good for you too… Read More

12:45 AM

Winter Solstice Sound Healing

A TIME FOR CLARITY & REFLECTION pause as the sun stands still in the sky, be immersed in the sublime sounds of light filled gongs and singing bowls as you experience deeply restorative relaxation, recalibrating your nervous system, relieving tension, refreshing your mind. Read More

11:08 PM

Yoga for Kids & Teens

The physical, physiological, mental and emotional affects of yoga are not limited to and beneficial for adults, they can also provide essential support and stability for young, developing minds and changing adolescent bodies too. Read More

9:41 PM

The 4th Trimester

Preparing for your Journey into Motherhood. Are you feeling confused and overwhelmed about your role as a new mum? Join Sarah Fehlberg, for an afternoon of learning the importance of self care, create a postpartum care plan tailored to your own individual needs and be pampered while you learn with a delicious herbal foot soak.   Read More

9:10 PM

Retreat Early Bird Discount

Going on a Yoga Retreat gives you the opportunity to take time out from the day to day, immerse yourself in the peace and tranquility of nature, be nourished with delicious vegetarian meals, whilst re connecting with yourself and your practice. Read More

1:08 AM

Sydney Alterna Choir

Long time Yoga practitioner and student of the Studio Naomi Cooper will be leading the Inner West's new Alternative Choir, singing local and international indie, pop, gospel and world music, in Newtown commencing early February. Read More

10:30 PM

Spotlight On: Uttanasana

Simply called a standing forward bend by some yoga teachers, Uttanasana is a full back-body stretch that has many physiological benefits such as slowing down the heartbeat, curing stomach pains and menstrual cramps, and toning the liver, spleen and kidneys. Read More

5:34 PM

Autumn Equinox Sound Healing

A TIME TO BALANCE DARKNESS & LIGHT Celebrate the transition of equal day and night when you can harvest your successes, clear the space and come to ground, preparing you for a period of reflection and restoration before planting the seeds of your future. Read More

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