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Crystal Street Family Chiropractor - Amy Melamet


Meet Chiropractor Amy Melamet, new to the Yoga to Go Studio family. Having worked in the Petersham area for the last 2 years, Amy introduces her new venture, Crystal Street Family Chiropractic.

After 5 years of study at Macquarie University to complete a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Chiropractic, Amy continued her education completing courses in Paediatric and Pregnancy Chiropractic. She is certified in Webster Technique, a safe, gentle and effective treatment for Women during pregnancy, to balance the pelvis and relieve the back. Amy also has a keen interest in sport-related treatment, as well as overall wellness, including nutrition. As well as working in the Inner West, Amy has previously worked in chiropractic clinics on the Northern Beaches and the Eastern Suburbs. She is also a tutor for the Science & Chiropractic faculties at Macquarie University.


Contact Information:


Monday: 8 AM - 11AM


Tuesday - Thursday: 2 PM - 8 PM


Saturday: 8 AM - 1 PM


To make an appointment contact Amy directly on 02 8021 4636 




Contact Information:

Friday: 10 AM - 6 PM


Sunday: 9 AM - 4 PM


1 Hour: $120


To make an appointment contact Despina directly:  PH: 0478 785 432



Arcadia Life - Despina Nikolakakos


Energetic Healer, Theta Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher.

How we feel about ourselves today, completely impacts our lives now, and tomorrow.

As we learn how to be self-aware, present, accepting and loving of all our human bits, we begin to access our truth on a much deeper level.

Despina’s passion is to remind people of who they really are, to help them ground, learn to accept all their humanness, find a new perspective on life’s challenges, and actually have a great time here on earth.

She holds a safe space to let every client’s session unfold as it needs to.

Despina knows from personal experience that self-awareness, transforming limiting beliefs, and raising your vibration are vital in having a joyful human experience.


"Despina is an immensely intuitive and connected spiritual healer practitioner. I felt greatly moved and transformed from just one consultation with her, in fact, I can say that my life has not been the same since I saw Despina. I look forward to experiencing future healing with her and I have already recommended her to a number of friends who are seeking healing."




Making the change is easier than we think.


  • Learn self-awareness and enjoy your life
  • Make lasting peace with the past and create a new foundation to live life from
  • Shift repetitive patterns
  • Clear energy blocks
  • Transform limiting beliefs
  • Promote physical health and restful sleep
  • Find stillness and peace in everyday life