Yoga for Men

Father’s Day is coming up in a few weeks, so we’re looking at men’s yoga!

Until recently, yoga has been perceived as very much a ‘girly’ activity, even though for thousands of years in India it was practiced exclusively by men!

Traditionally, the aim of yoga was to achieve spiritual enlightenment and it’s because of this emphasis that many guys avoid it. A lack of flexibility has been another common reason.

Today, however - millions of people around the world are practicing yoga including an increasing number of men. Research shows there are many physical and mental benefits, so yoga has become a very popular tool for coping with the pressures of modern-day life, while also improving overall health and fitness.

Benefits of practicing yoga include increased flexibility and strength, improved concentration and sleep, and relief from stress and anxiety. Iyengar yoga has the added benefit of using props - making the yoga poses accessible for people of all ages and abilities, including the boys!

For the guys, a regular yoga practice can also help:

Increase productivity and creativity at work
Boost the metabolism and immune system
Stretch tight areas like hamstrings and shoulders
Prevent and help recover from sports and other injuries
Improve your tennis or golf swing!
We asked some of ‘the boys of Yoga To Go’ why they keep coming back:

JamesJames, 28 - Annadale

I’m not very flexible and I cycle, so yoga really helps me. The props let me adjust the poses for my body and the practice helps quieten my mind after a busy day at work. I’m gaining a better awareness of what’s happening in my body, I pay more attention and look after myself better.

DanielDaniel 32 - Annandale

I’ve been practicing yoga for about 10 years. I was introduced to Yoga to Go by my partner about two years ago. And we sometimes attend class together. My work can get pretty busy, so yoga helps take the focus off that at the end of the day. ‘


ScottScott, 37 - Stanmore

I’m an Osteopath and yoga teacher. I stand over a treatment table most of the day so practicing yoga helps relieve back and shoulders pains. I first came to yoga for the physical benefits, but I’ve been practicing for 10 years and teaching for 4 years now, and it’s become spiritual practice too. Yoga has brought me back into my body and into myself – back to who I really am.

WillemWillem, 45 - Summer Hill

I always feel great after a yoga class and I’m much more relaxed and balanced at work the next day. I sit behind a desk, so yoga makes a world of difference for my back and shoulders. I started practicing about 15 months ago and I’m not as tight in my body now. Yoga helps me focus my mind and reconnect with my body.

DougDoug, 56 - Newtown

My daughter bought me a 10-class pass for Christmas about 3.5 years ago and I’ve been coming ever since. I like the structure of Iyengar yoga, and I’m becoming more aware of the different sensations in my body. I’ve noticed a steady improvement in my flexibility and strength, but it’s not just a physical practice - yoga is internal too.

Do you practice yoga? What are some of the benefits that you have experienced? Share your thoughts, comments and pictures with us via or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. And Happy Father’s Day to all the dads – come try a yoga class with us soon!


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