Direct Debit Unlimited Pass


For just $48/week you'll have unlimited access to all Yoga and Pilates classes offered at our Petersham Studio.


Like anything in life, the more you do the greater the results and benefits.  By practicing 3 or more times per week you will find increases in strength, flexibility energy and focus and enjoy better sleep.


Come 3 times per week - that's only $16 per class, come 4 times per week and drop your class cost down to $12 per class

*Paid fortnightly. Minimum period of 8 fortnightly payments, does not include Workshops, Intensives or Specialty classes


yoga studio at Yoga To Go Studio



Ensure you have an online account set up

Once you have set up an online account


1. Select a class you would like to attend from the Timetable page


The following message will appear " Your account does not have the credits needed to sign up. Please click here to make a purchase through a payment service. When you are finished, come back and click sign up again." 


2. Select the "Click Here "option - this will redirect you to the to the Mind Body Online Store 

3.  Select "Contracts" The Fortnightly Direct Debit payment will appear, follow the prompts to make your payment. 

Please note that the date that appears in the calendar section is set to the current day, if you are booking in advance for the commencement of the new term then ensure the correct date range is selected.

Ensure you read the terms and conditions, Agree and select the Make a Purchase Tab

Once you have gone through the payment processing screen and make your initial payment you will then be able to select the classes you will be attending.

Please note online bookings are required for all classes you are attending on a Fortnightly Direct Debit; the system will allow you to pre-book all our classes for the term or select classes individually.



Payments are debited from your credit card fortnightly, it is the clients responsibility to ensure sufficient funds are available. This option is for a minimum period of 8 fortnightly payments.

After the minimum contract period is reached, debits will continue unless you specifically email to cancel them.

You can suspend your direct debit for a period of up to 2 weeks if you are going on Holiday, travelling for work or unable to attend class due to sickness or injury.

Any requests for adjustments, suspensions and cancellations requires a minimum period of 2 week’s notice prior to your next transaction being deducted via email at

Online bookings are required for all classes you are attending the system will allow you to pre-book all our classes for the term or select classes individually.

Please note your bank statement will read as “Ezidebit Payment”



Our Direct Debit payment option offers you the easiest way to do Yoga, Pilates or both.  The more classes you do the cheaper it is. You can authorise a direct debit fortnightly direct debit from your Visa or Mastercard.

Direct debit payment options are suitable for all students, however, we do recommend that you carefully check the timetable when you are making your bookings to ensure that you select classes to suit your experience and ability. If in doubt, simply call the studio to discuss what level classes are most suitable to your current needs.