Corporate Wellness Programs

Our Corporate Services


We offer three key activities or modalities that have been scientifically proven to deliver numerous health and wellness benefits for the body and the mind. These are:

Iyengar Yoga - is a practice that incorporates physical postures and breathing to develop strength, flexibility and stability in the body and mind. Read more about Iyengar Yoga here.

Pilates Mat - combines physical exercises with controlled breathing, to build core strength around the hips, abdominals and glutes to improve posture and spine health. Read more about Pilates here.

Mindfulness - is a form of mental training that aims to focus one’s concentration (also known as awareness) on the present moment to help deal with stress. Read more about Mindfulness here.

Offsite Workshops or Retreats – any of our wellness programs can be incorporated into your conferences, conventions or team building days. Simply let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll design a wellness class or program that’s tailored just for your team!