Spotlight on: Baradvajasana I

Baradvaja – one of the great Hindi sages, Asana – pose

Baradvajasana IA simple seated twist, Baradvajasana I can be practiced by people of all ages and abilities, including pregnant women as there is no compression on the abdomen. This pose provides a lateral extension and works the dorsal and lumbar regions of the back, and is greatly beneficial for people who work at a computer or desk all day.

Turning to the opposite side that the legs are facing, it’s important to keep the buttocks evenly pressing to the floor. If one buttock lifts up, place a folded blanket or some support underneath it.

Remember to lift the spine first, and then turn the abdomen and the chest,
and finally the head, keepingBaradvajasana Chair the shoulder blades into the back. Try not to lean backwards, but keep the spine aligned and upright.

This pose can also be practiced sitting sideways on a chair, turning towards the back of the chair - as you can see in the illustration to the right.

·      Stretches: spine, shoulders and hips

·      Massages: abdominal organs

·      Helps with: digestion, lower backache and neck pain, arthritis and rheumatism in the arms and shoulders

It is recommended that you do not practice this pose if you are suffering from eyestrain or stress related headaches and migraines.

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For more information about Baradvajasana I we recommend the following resources.

Baradvajasana I with Lois Steinberg – 8.07 minutes
Baradvajasana I on a Chair with Lois Steinberg – 11.00 minutes

Light on Yoga, BKS Iyengar p. 251 BUY
Yoga The Path To Wholistic Health, BKS Iyengar p. 128 BUY
Important note: Remember to always seek the guidance of an experienced and certified yoga teacher, and check with your medical professional if you have any health concerns.


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