Men's Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month – encouraging men and boys to take better care of their health and wellbeing, and seek regular medical advice, support and early treatment for preventable health problems, diseases and injuries.


We are seeing more men taking up yoga, so following on from our earlier Yoga for Men blog we’ve had a chat to a couple more of our regular yoga blokes to find out what drew them to practice and what keeps them coming back for more…


Mens Health - NathanNathan, 56 – Marrickville


Why did you start practicing yoga?


I was practicing Tai Kwan Do and had suffered a number of wrist and knee injuries. I have also had neck and lower back problems, so when a work colleague recommended YTGS I decided to give it a try. It’s been two-and-a-half years now!


What benefits have you experienced?


Physically it makes me stronger and I don’t get as many aches and pains. Yoga hasn’t fixed my injuries but it certainly helps to manage them. Mentally and emotionally I feel less stressed and calmer when I practice regularly. My mood is more stable. And I find myself getting edgy if I miss my regular classes.  


What would you say to other guys?


I felt really self-conscious, like a fish out of water when I first started, but I committed to a 12-week course and after a while I began to enjoy it and became more comfortable. Also, don’t be in a hurry to achieve the poses or move to the next level. It’s not a competition and everyone is different. Take your time and enjoy it.


Mens Health RitchieRitchie, 53 - Belmore


Why did you start practicing yoga?


I was in a car accident in 1995 and yoga was suggested as part of my recovery. I was also going through a relationship breakdown and found myself a single parent. I bumped into someone from YTGS at Marrickville Festival one year and the rest is history!


What benefits have you experienced?


Yoga has been physically beneficial after my accident, but it has also helped me mentally and emotionally too. It has helped me remain stable, given me inner serenity, peace and calm. Yoga makes me a better father, manager and human being.


What is your yoga goal?


Iyengar yoga has been such a pleasure that the journey is what I am enjoying without feeling like I have to reach a particular destination. Although, I would like to master Sirsasana (headstand) away from the wall one day!


If you know someone whom you think could benefit from yoga like Nathan and Ritchie, perhaps you could share this blog with them? You can also send us all your men’s yoga questions, tips and photos via email to or message and tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.



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