Seniors Yoga – more than just stretching!

Seniors YogaWhen Donald ‘Donny’ Muntz, answered the ad in the local paper looking for seniors to be part of The George Institute’s latest study, he never imagined that he’d become a dedicated yogi! Almost 8 years later and a lively 87 year-of-age, Donny along with his wife Kaiya (74), are regulars at our Thursday morning Senior’s Yoga class – you may have even seen Donny featured in some of our Facebook ads?!


Running over three months, the study looked at the benefits of yoga and how it could improve the incidence of falls among people aged 60 - 81 years of age.


Although the study focussed on fall-prevention and looked for improvements in balance and mobility, the findings also showed that yoga offered a range of additional health benefits, including help managing conditions like diabetes and hypertension and lots more. The George Institute has continued to run further studies about Yoga for Seniors – you read more about their findings here and watch the Seven news story here.


Anna Polaanities was also involved in the original study. Now aged 68, Anna has been attending both the Tuesday and Thursday Seniors yoga classes ever since! She says they help her manage all of life’s challenges, including losing her husband six months ago


We spoke with Donny and Anna recently about their yoga experiences, here’s what they told us:


AnnaAnna, 68 - Petersham


Q: Why did you start practicing yoga?


A: I was about to turn 60 and everything was hurting! My husband, who passed away recently, had Dementia and I had been caring for him for around 15 years. I was suffering from depression and stress as a result, and I was looking for something to help me manage that and find some balance.


 Q: What do you like most about practising yoga?


 A: It gives me something to look forward to. Romina is a wonderful teacher and I have developed some good friendships with the other students over the years. We’re like a little community!


 Q: What physical or mental benefits have you experienced?


 A: I am stronger and more flexible. I broke my leg a couple of years ago which stopped me from practicing, but I am back again now.


 Q: What would you say to other people in their 60’s who may be considering yoga?


 A: I was a bit scared at first but now I love yoga and I’m never stopping – ever! Come and join us at YTGS – you really can’t find any better.


DonnyDonny, 87 - Earlwood


Q: Why did you start practicing yoga?


A: I was always a stiff bloke from a young age and could never touch my toes! I had a history of back problems –  so strengthening my lower back has always been a focus.


 Q: What do you like most about practising yoga?


 A: It’s a friendly atmosphere with other people of the same age who are all giving it a go. Romina is delightful, and every class is different and fun. There’s never any pressure but sometimes you do things you wouldn’t normally attempt.


Q: What physical or mental benefits have you experienced?


A: I still can’t touch my toes, but I am more flexible. I haven’t fallen so it must also be helping with my balance.


Q: What would you say to other people in their 60’s or older who may be considering yoga?


A: No question about it, the older you get the stiffer you become, so you need to do something to stay supple. I recommend yoga to everyone to keep the machinery in good working order!


Join Donny, Anna and Romina (and lots of other lovely students!) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 11:00am for our Seniors Yoga class! You don’t need any experience,  we use the support of props, and pay special attention to issues such as limited mobility and joint problems. We can also help to manage and address a range of other individual health needs – just let us know. Book online or pop into the studio at least 15 minutes prior to class: 


Looking for more information about Senior’s yoga?

·       Check out the Yoga for Healthy Ageing blog for lots of great articles and info -

·       Watch this video from Road to Bliss with Lois Steinberg, a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher:


If you have more questions about senior’s yoga, our classes or Iyengar yoga email us at and remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all the latest Yoga To Go Studio news and updates. 


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