5:07 PM

Spotlight on: Ardha Chandrasana

A favourite for beginners and more experienced yoga practitioners alike, Ardha Chandrasana is a wonderfully uplifting and liberating pose that allows the entire front body to expand and open outwards… Read More

9:12 PM

Seniors Yoga – more than just stretching!

When Donald ‘Donny’ Muntz, answered the ad in the local paper looking for seniors to be part of The George Institute’s latest study, he never imagined that he’d become a dedicated yogi! Almost 8 years later and a lively 87 year-of-age, Donny along with his wife Kaiya (74), are regulars at our Thursday morning Senior’s Yoga class – you may have even seen Donny featured in some of our Facebook ads?! Read More

5:19 PM

Bobby Clennell, Sydney, 2018

Bobby Clennell began studying in Pune with Guruji, B.K.S. Iyengar, in 1976. She did her teacher training with him and was certified directly by him. Bobby has returned to study in Pune over thirty times, and in addition to her teaching and writing, she is famous for her "Pune Guide". Read More

3:50 PM

Holiday Yoga Sequence

You may be going away or your regular yoga class may not be running over the holidays, so how do you keep up your practice and what poses should you do? Here are some quick yoga sequences to help you keep your balance during this sometimes stressful and busy time. Read More

10:42 PM

Standing Poses - Home Practice 

Standing poses are also known as Utthita Sthiti in Sanskrit and are considered the foundation of Iyengar Yoga Standing poses tone the legs and back muscles and prepare us for other poses that deal with forward-bending or back-bending movements.  They are also great for lifting our energy and building stamina. Read More

12:17 AM

Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Going on a Yoga Retreat gives you the opportunity to take time out from the day to day, immerse yourself in the peace and tranquility of nature, be nourished with delicious vegetarian meals, whilst re connecting with yourself and your practice. Read More

6:16 PM

Yoga for Colds & Flu

“Yoga has a threefold impact on health. It keeps healthy people healthy, it inhibits the development of diseases, and it aids in recovery from ill health.” – BKS Iyengar, Light on Life (p.60) Yoga not only delivers physical benefits like improved flexibility and increased strength, but also helps to regulate and boost the body’s immune system Read More

5:42 PM

Spotlight on: Baradvajasana I

A simple seated twist, Baradvajasana I can be practiced by people of all ages and abilities, including pregnant women as there is no compression on the abdomen. This pose provides a lateral extension and works the dorsal and lumbar regions of the back, and is greatly beneficial for people who work at a computer or desk all day. Read More

6:34 PM

Beginners Yoga – Home Practice

Getting a regular home yoga practice going is not easy. Yet it’s one of the best ways to develop and grow your practice and understanding of yoga. There are distractions, chores to be done and social media to scroll through. Then you have to work out which poses you should do – which can be daunting if you’re not a yoga teacher or regularly putting together class sequences. Read More

11:37 PM

Spotlight On: Utthita Trikonasana

Utthitha Trikonasana is one of the first standing poses taught to beginners in yoga. It may appear simple but it’s not an easy pose to master, nor should it be overlooked by more experienced practitioners. More commonly called Trikonasana or ‘triangle pose’, with continued practice this asana can bring many ongoing benefits for new and skilled students alike.  Read More