1:08 AM

Sydney Alterna Choir

Long time Yoga practitioner and student of the Studio Naomi Cooper will be leading the Inner West's new Alternative Choir, singing local and international indie, pop, gospel and world music, in Newtown commencing early February. Read More

10:30 PM

Spotlight On: Uttanasana

Simply called a standing forward bend by some yoga teachers, Uttanasana is a full back-body stretch that has many physiological benefits such as slowing down the heartbeat, curing stomach pains and menstrual cramps, and toning the liver, spleen and kidneys. Read More

5:34 PM

Autumn Equinox Sound Healing

A TIME TO BALANCE DARKNESS & LIGHT Celebrate the transition of equal day and night when you can harvest your successes, clear the space and come to ground, preparing you for a period of reflection and restoration before planting the seeds of your future. Read More

11:08 PM

Welcome to the Team

At Yoga To Go Studio, each person - whether it be our teachers or reception and admin staff - plays a special role in making our community the best that it can be, and whilst its sad to see people move on it can also be refreshing to have new people join the team.   Read More

12:50 AM

Humans of Yoga To Go Studio

This month we’re in for a real treat, with a special blog written by the lovely Sarah Bourne herself – one of our wonderful yoga teachers and an award-wining author! Read More