7:48 AM

Humans of Yoga To Go - Vanessa Sinclair

Vanessa Sinclair, aged 48 from Annandale has been attending yoga classes at Yoga to Go Studio every day for the past 6 months, but just two years ago she would have told you it wasn’t for her. Read More

7:30 PM

2018 Gift Guide

Give the gift of well-being, balance and transformation this Christmas… Here are our top 2018 Christmas gift ideas all available in studio now! Read More

5:07 PM

Spotlight on: Ardha Chandrasana

A favourite for beginners and more experienced yoga practitioners alike, Ardha Chandrasana is a wonderfully uplifting and liberating pose that allows the entire front body to expand and open outwards… Read More

11:55 PM

Sound Healing for Summer

Soothe your soul and revive your spirits for Summer with a healing Soundscape to illuminate your brilliance as you become immersed in a sonic landscape of bright gongs, bronze and crystal singing bowls, chimes and sound meditation. Read More

6:01 PM

Thank You Scott

Scott has been a munched loved part of our community for the past decade, he began his yoga journey as a student way back in 2006, over the years he gained certification within the Iyengar linage and has been teaching at the Studio since 2012 Read More

9:12 PM

Seniors Yoga – more than just stretching!

When Donald ‘Donny’ Muntz, answered the ad in the local paper looking for seniors to be part of The George Institute’s latest study, he never imagined that he’d become a dedicated yogi! Almost 8 years later and a lively 87 year-of-age, Donny along with his wife Kaiya (74), are regulars at our Thursday morning Senior’s Yoga class – you may have even seen Donny featured in some of our Facebook ads?! Read More

5:19 PM

Bobby Clennell, Sydney, 2018

Bobby Clennell began studying in Pune with Guruji, B.K.S. Iyengar, in 1976. She did her teacher training with him and was certified directly by him. Bobby has returned to study in Pune over thirty times, and in addition to her teaching and writing, she is famous for her "Pune Guide". Read More

7:34 PM

Humans of Yoga To Go Studio

This month we get to know another of our wonderful yoga teachers, Nikki Little. She first started practising with us at Yoga To Go Studio (YTGS) in 2003, and quickly developed a curiosity and passion for the practice and philosophy. Just four years later, Nikki commenced teacher training with Alan Goode in ACT and now has her Introductory II Certification. Read More

5:15 PM

Spring Equinox Sound Healing

Spring Equinox is a special time of equal Day and Night, the perfect opportunity to re-balance your emotions and rejuvenate your senses. Read More

5:08 PM

Men's Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month – encouraging men and boys to take better care of their health and wellbeing, and seek regular medical advice, support and early treatment for preventable health problems, diseases and injuries. Read More