5:45 PM

Eat Well to Stay Well This Winter

With Sydney winter well and truly here, keeping well and cold & flu-free can be tough! Here’s a dietitian’s top tips to keeping well using food throughout the season.   Read More

11:59 PM

Spotlight on: Halasana

Hala – plough, Asana – pose . Remember when you would lay on the floor and be able to kick your legs over your head as a kid? Well it turns out that not only was it fun, but it was good for you too… Read More

12:45 AM

Winter Solstice Sound Healing

A TIME FOR CLARITY & REFLECTION pause as the sun stands still in the sky, be immersed in the sublime sounds of light filled gongs and singing bowls as you experience deeply restorative relaxation, recalibrating your nervous system, relieving tension, refreshing your mind. Read More