10:42 PM

Standing Poses - Home Practice 

Standing poses are also known as Utthita Sthiti in Sanskrit and are considered the foundation of Iyengar Yoga Standing poses tone the legs and back muscles and prepare us for other poses that deal with forward-bending or back-bending movements.  They are also great for lifting our energy and building stamina. Read More

12:45 AM

Sound Healing for Summer

REJUVENATION : ILLUMINATION : TRANSFORMATION Bathe in a sound bath of sublime bliss, a deep journey in pure light and sonic vibration. Achieve deep relaxation, release and healing on all levels.  Experience the elevating resonance of gongs, bronze and crystal singing bowls, therapeutic percussion to ground you and sound meditation to uplift your soul. Read More

7:20 PM

Thank You Pip

As many of you may know Pip is expecting her 2nd child early in the new year and has decided that it is time for her to spend some time relaxing with her family before the arrival of her baby.   Read More